“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.”—Confucius

Every wave is different, so if you see a good one, you’ve got to go for it. Another wave like that might not come along again.

Surfing reasonably teaches you to recognize a good wave, a great wave and a bad wave. It’s often a subtle thing, and determining when to make your move takes some practice and experience, but the only wave a surfer ever regrets is the one they let pass by them.

Life is very similar. Most people tend to regret the things they didn’t do, the chances they didn’t seize, more than anything they did. Surfing helps develop good judgment to know when to go for it, and a skill like that is invaluable in life.

If you see a good opportunity coming your way, be that a wave or something in your wider life or business, you have to go for it with everything you’ve got. Once you jump into life, you have to lean into it. You have to lean whichever way you must to keep moving forward, even when logic tells you it doesn’t make sense. It’s the only way to keep moving.

Surfer Jordan Prieto Valdes —BREN FUENTES

If we don’t commit fully to the things we want to achieve, we not only probably won’t achieve them but may well end up in a worse situation as a result of our half-hearted efforts, since they will have diverted our attention away from other endeavors.

Practicing is the way to excel at any endeavor. It will make the thing in question come to you like second nature, leaving you free to be more reactive and receptive to any unexpected factors. All surfers learn early that it’s not only the wave that’s about to come that matters, but the one behind it, too.

Surf life

Our eldest daughter Jordan Prieto Valdes has been living in Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines. Premium travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler named Siargao the world’s most beautiful island in 2018.

For the last two months, Jordan booked a room at Buddha Siargao (@buddhasiargao on Instagram), a small boutique resort with seven private rooms. They have a Thai restaurant and offer tours, yoga and surf lessons. With a team of 20 staff plus surf instructors, the resort offers the best possible service with a personal touch.

Surfer Athena Valdes —BREN FUENTES

The resort is a mix of contemporary and native design with concrete structures and local nipa palm roofs set among the coconut trees. Rooms have private bathrooms with solar hot water, air-conditioning, safety deposit box, TV with movie drive and a relaxing balcony overlooking the garden. Cross Fit health buffs Chunchi Soler and Carlo Tanseco are slowly becoming islanders, and will soon open Muni-Muni Villas, Siargao. I will hopefully stay in their resort soon when it opens in September and maybe learn to surf, too!

Surfing is addicting, and close friend Ana Abad Santos has been surfing for many years now in both La Union and Siargao.

Between riding the wave, Ana helps her sister Cris Albert run Fila Philippines (@filaph on Instagram). Fila recently held an event at their new headquarters in Capital House Building in Bonifacio Global City.

Surfer Ana Abad Santos

The Starbucks x Fila collection is a collaboration that fuses Fila’s Heritage inspiration with Starbucks. The limited-edition line offers a modern interpretation of two classics, with products that boast an on-the-go, classic and dynamic sensibility. The collection is based on the iconic color palette of Fila, as the items showcase those design elements, and Starbucks’ timeless branding.

The designer collaboration will be available starting July 20 at select Starbucks stores and in the Starbucks flagship store on Lazada while supplies last. There are voucher codes valid on Lazada on July 20-21 as well as 5-percent discount.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event since I am still here in California in search of my new purpose. I was happy to be a featured guest on the Facebook Live Power Hour by Lauren Powers. We talked about coming to live life on our own terms. A faith and fitness queen, Lauren empowers women with her inspiring words and healthy goal-oriented mindset.

Developing resilience

We talked about developing resilience as a key element to positive growth. The ability to be resilient is the strongest determining factor for how well we fare through life’s challenges and adversities. Typically, resilience is defined as the ability to “bounce back,” but more than just bouncing back, being resilient can also bring about significant and profound personal growth. This is my personal goal.

Ripped founder and instructor Terry Shorter, between Emilie Petrocelli and Sea Princess

Change is difficult for most people, even for me, but accepting change and being willing to let go of things we can’t control are key to staying resilient. Instead of resisting change, it is helpful to focus on other parts of your life that can help you transcend difficulties.

Always maintaining a positive outlook, I keep things in a sincere and true perspective. I remind myself that there are still many aspects of my life to look forward to so that I don’t get stuck in the quagmires of the present. Some people isolate themselves in times of stress, but surrounding yourself with compassionate and empathic loved ones is the healthier approach.

To help boost my happiness quotient and resilience, I rely on family and friends. I practice mindfulness by doing yoga, taking long walks, journaling, praying and spending alone time with the most important person in my journey—myself.

Miso Cilimdzic, Taya Paige, Cayla Mcgrew Gerig, Phil Blaisdell, Terry Shorter, Abigail Ganje. Front row: Emilie Petrocelli, Sea Princess

Last weekend, Assumption classmate Emilie Petrocelli and I completed an eight-mile hike on the Black Star Canyon Trail in Orange County.

It is in this space of mindfulness that I deeply reflect on the lessons of my past and my present, and my hope and wishes for the future. Clarity and acceptance are the gifts of time spent on self-reflection. These may not come immediately, though, so it is important to be patient and forgiving of yourself through your journey.

Sometimes life has a way of crumbling in mid-flight. I didn’t see this coming. But I know now that I am strong, and I am resilient! Every day is a day closer to that even better version of myself! And just like in surfing, if that first wave knocks you down, you have that choice to catch the next one and enjoy riding that perfect wave! INQ

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